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What is an engagement shoot?

Good question.  Honestly, the value this shoot offers has really very little to do with photography and making photos.  It's all about getting to know my clients as a couple and getting a chance to just hang out and have some fun.  When July 17th roles around, I'm going to wake up in the morning thrilled that I get to shoot Brittany and Russell's wedding.  Here are a few fun shots we put together with a few hours in La Jolla.

Seaport Village Enagements (contraband photos)

We actually got away with doing our little photo shoot at Seaport Village.  Security finally caught up with us at the end of the night and kicked us out.  Melanie and Matt were up for just hanging out and we ended having a great time. 

Being honest about your photography: Wedding and Engagements

It might be difficult, but being honest with your photographer about your engagement photos is probably the best thing you can do for your wedding coverage.  This is especially true if you aren't completely happy with the images you got from the engagement shoot.  The engagements are a test drive, first-take, ice-cream-mini-spoon taste-test of what is to come.  This is your chance to give feedback and align on what your expectations are for the kind of images you hope to capture at your wedding.  If you don't really like what you see, you had better pipe-up-pipsqueak.  Luckily, that is exactly what Rachelle and Daniel did after they received the proofs after their engagement session.  Overall, they were very happy, however, they wanted more close-up, look-at-the-camera, standard-issue-print-for-my-mom's-wall shots.  So, we went back out together and got exactly what they were looking for.  So, when the wedding rolled around (posting soon), we were sure to get plenty of the shots they wanted.  The lesson here?  I suppose for me, to ask my clients to be completely honest with me on their feelings about their engagement photos.  So, the first image is that all-important standard photo they wanted.... KEY!  (along with a few extra fun photos too).