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San Diego Chargers: It's a date... shoot

I'm a firm believer in asking for forgiveness instead of permission.  Don't tell the hard-core-anti-photography security guards at Qualcomm...  those guys were just doing their job... and I was just doing mine;  being a third wheel that is.  Somehow, last Saturday evening pretty much turned into a dream:  hanging out with a couple on their date.  It definitely wasn't an engagement shoot!  The night was Stephen and Arleen's and I happened to be there to document it.  Awesome.  I think I'm pretty much done with ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS.  I'm going to call them "Third-Wheel-Date-Sessions" from now on.  That will probably scare a few of you away, but for those whose eyes just lit up, I'm your photog.  And now... drum roll please... the ring shot!