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Wedding at San Diego Botanic Gardens: one wedding, two posts

Choosing images to put on this blog is always a challenge.  I have realized, the image set I choose truly establishes my photographic style; two posts from the same wedding could look completely different.  Should I polish the bajeezez out of the perfect shots, crop, balance, tweak and magazine them out?  These are the shots you want to see right?  On the other hand, maybe I should post my personal favs;  the imperfect raw moments that move me... but will they move you?  What if you don't know Ashley and Alec?  Well, now is your chance to weigh in.  No more lurking.  Below are two posts, the first set of images are magazine-ish, cropped out and tweaked.  The second... we'll tell me what you think.  What would you rather see?  Please, no sugar coating.



This is by far one of my favorite shots.  No, not perfect.  Could have been better without the flowers in front of Alec's face, surely not magazine content, however... what this image does show is the truth in Ashley's eyes, you know exactly what she is feeling and thinking: ... you know me ... all our time together and here I am ... that girl you fell in love with... in a wedding dress!... about to leap off that cliff and trust each other with everything ... it's as sincere as it gets and this is why I love to photograph weddings.

Thank you again for taking a moment to tell me what you think.  Also, be sure to check out the crew who made this event possible:  Wedding Coordinated by Rachel + Jennifer2 with Bliss Events * Ceremony Venue: San Diego Botanic Gardens * Flowers: Rae Florae * Hair and Makeup: Alison with The Bustle * Catering: Culinary Concepts * Cake: Sweet Cakes Baking

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Reader Comments (12)

How do you possibly choose between the "magazine" and the "raw" photos?? They are both so special in their own ways. You did an incredible job capturing the energy from the evening and sharing the love & excitement we were all feeling for Alec and Ashley!

Aug 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEmily Lamb

WOW AARON!!!! Love this post, so many fantastic photos! It's impossible to choose one "post style" over the other (regarding your question at the beginning of the post). I will tell you this: The first post gave me chills over & over, and the second post almost made me cry with happiness & emotion. Of course I am biased because I am lucky enough to know Ashley & Alec pretty well ;) Thanks for capturing their wedding so perfectly, what a fantastic day and night, so glad you were a part of it!

~ Rachel Welland (Ashley & Alec's Wedding Coordinator!)
Bliss Events, www.blissevent.com

Thanks Emily and Rachel. I really appreciate you taking the time to write a note. ~Aaron

Aug 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAaron Willcox

I have to agree that it's difficult to pick between the two. I think you can easily have a mix - use some of both types of images that strike you. Many of the "raw" photos could easily fit into the more polished "mag-style" blog post.Wedding days are a total grab bag! Lots of beauty surrounding the day. Serene quiet moments. Tears. Joy. Elation. I think as a photographer, you should post your style AND what moves you. If it moves you, it will surely move your audience. :)

Aug 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTeresa

I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!! It's so true, that what we choose from all the options of photography are what define our style.. I love the beauty of the balanced shot and the emotion of the raw image, flowers in his face notwithstanding.. it's a combo deal at best. :) Thank you for a great job on the beautiful pictures!

Aug 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPaula Rae

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