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Wedding at the San Diego Botanic Gardens

I am often asked to describe my style.  For any photographer, it can be daunting to boil all their work down to a few sentences without sounding like a total cheese-ball.  "I CAPTURE THE MOMENT".... oh boy.  That's rough.  By just using the word "CREATIVE" you have pretty much rolled yourself into the largest group of people on the planet!  The way I answer this question is simple.  I begin talking about what I see at weddings and the kinds of imagery that moves me personally.  Before I know it, the answer is out along with all the passion and genuine feeling it deserves.  That brings me to last weekend's wedding with Angela and Matt.  I was doing summersaults and cartwheels (in my head) at seeing the shot of Angela and Matt in the mirror, just moments before their wedding ceremony.  Matt checks his tie, Angela checks her hair.  BAM.  To them, I was not even present.  It all came together; the stillness of the room, the truth, the weight of what they were about to do ... looks to me like the beginning of a marriage... wow, such a rush.  This is why I shoot weddings!


A big thank you to everyone who helped to put this event together:  Venue: The San Diego Botanic Garden * Coordinating and Flowers:  Linda Rendon * Catering: Smoke House Grills * Cake: Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. * Live Band: Lady Dottie and the Diamonds * Lighting: Mike Fuller * San Diego Wedding Photogapher ;)

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Reader Comments (3)

Stunning wedding photography! I love your details, colors, lighting and composition. My favorite shot is the ceremony with the light streaming in across the bride and groom. Adds a beautiful mood to such an intimate setting already! Excellent work.
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well, that's a good way to put it... nice concept!
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